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ceo message

ceo message

Dear Customers,

All accolade and dignity owe to Allah Almighty Who enabled us to establish a splendid and well-disciplined organization “Islamic Honey Centre”. It is our longstanding desire to accommodate and maintain a durable, more salubrious, amicable and elongated overdue relationship with you.

It is established with the aim to provide professional health benefits to our valuable customers; to every small and large-scale efficiently and effectively. As a team we are bringing efficiency in our work, we strive hard for giving the quality result to our client.

It is an established fact that journey of thousand miles commences with a single step. Consequently, join us and you will find, products of Islamic Honey Centre quite hygienic and salubrious as customary. We welcome you to the family of Islamic Honey Centre and pray for your able-bodied and more salubrious life ahead.

IHC has made remarkable progress over the year & determined to make our mark on the global stage.

Thank you

(Ameen Summa Ameen)

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