Ajwa Hot & Spicy Sauce


Ajwa date sauce (hot & spicy) is first time introduced in Pakistan by ISLAMIC HONEY CENTER. It possesses various health benefits due to its energetic properties. This hot & spicy sauce can be used in cooking, baking or simply on its own. This hot & spicy sauce has delicious, spicy flavor which gives appetizing taste & aroma.  This sauce is healthy and safe to use as it contains all-natural ingredients. This sauce is very healthy for bloating, flatulence and indigestion.

Ajwa hot and spicy sauce contains Garlic which has a high nutritional value with significant amounts of vitamin C, selenium, manganese, iron and is able to counteract the harmful bacteria in the intestine & Ginger which helps in eliminating intestinal gas and spasms.

Try this Ajwa date sauce (hot & spicy) to get more flavor & aroma to make your food more tasty and yummy.


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