Multi Flower Honey with Squiz Jar


Multi flower honey is a poly-floral honey type that is collected from nectars of different types of flowers, plants and herbs, in meadows, forests & mountains. That is one of the reasons it is also called wildflower honey. As multi flower honey is gathered from different sources, its taste has a flavor of fruitiness without losing the aroma of honey that we love so much.

Multi flower honey is one of the most amazing of all the natural things that deals with various health problems like indigestion or wounds, as well as sunburn or other skin problems.

The most popular use of all types of honey including multi flower honey is the consumption of it as a natural sweetener. Whether you may like to add it to your cup of tea, use it for cooking and baking or simply on its own, our high quality natural multi flower honey will be a good choice for any preference of using it.

You can used multi flower honey as a natural sweetener on to your diet instead of sugar substitutes. It gives a sweet aroma and taste to your food or drinks without causing negative impact on your health as our honey is 100% natural and pure.


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1kg Price Rs.1200/-, 500gm Price Rs.600/-


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