Nuskha Qalb Sugar Free


NUSKHA E QALAB sugar-free is an all-natural 100% freshly extracted juice product used in the attempt to help enhance heart health. The best and the most effective remedy to regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. It has an adequate percentage of potassium that is good for arteries and it is rich in fiber that helps to reduce cholesterol level. It is helpful in coronary heart disease. It can help lower triglycerides (blood lipids that are harmful when elevated) and raise HDL (‘’good’’ cholesterol) the two most important lipids when it comes to heart health. It is very effective to use in heart attack patients. The ingredients all act to reduce inflammation in the body, which is one of the main problems associated with certain illnesses or chronic conditions. Nuskha e qalab sugar-free is a mixture of ginger extract, garlic extract, and lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. Unlike nuskha e qalab regular, It does not contain honey and specifically formulated for diabetic patients.


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